• The Kill factor 369


    February 22, 2020 by The Kill factor 369
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  • IMinedThat

    So I'm on the Ultra Dino server and when I place a ball no dino plays with it. I tried kicking it towards them but they still did not play with it. Any way I can fix this?

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  • Tinywolf2017

    I am currently trying to build Prehistoric Park!

    For those of you who aren't aware, Prehistoric Park is a six-part docufilm starring the love of my life Nigel Marven and his 'quest' to give extinct animals a second chance.

    I am currently building each exhibit/enclosure and building and then I will combine them all.

    Here are screenshots from each building/enclosure so far!


               Worker Area

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  • StarMaster101

    Dinosaur gone missing.

    November 10, 2019 by StarMaster101

    So I was walking towards my raptor pen and one of them were missing. No items to tell me it died or escaped. I put a lip made of a block that it couldn't suffocate in, as I have seen it put it's head in it and nothing happening. Although, is it possible it can climb blocks on the bottom of it? And if it can, can it get on top of blocks from the bottom of them? Because I was building a 3 block line across the pen as I was trying to build something like from the Jurassic World movie. I don't know if anything will pop up in chat if it dies, but nothing did. I have a map mod installed that shows me what kind of mobs are around (Tamed, hostile, and peaceful), and I can't find it. The raptor was nametagged and had plenty of food in it's feeder, …

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  • JurassicBird

    Thank you F&A team

    October 24, 2019 by JurassicBird

    I just want to say thank you to the devs. You guys are amazing and I love all the work you put into this mod. I have playing this mod for a long time and still am! I can tell you all care for the mod and thats awesome because a love this mod and everything in it! You guys have done amazing work and still are! I can't wait to see what comes next. Thank you all!

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  • GermanGamer7

    Flan's Mod added too

    October 20, 2019 by GermanGamer7

    This is true mounted cavalry

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  • GermanGamer7


    October 17, 2019 by GermanGamer7

    So I just witnessed a plesiosaurus eat a full health adult liopleurodon

    can someone direct me to a mental clinic i think i have schizophrenia

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  • GermanGamer7

    I'm back!

    October 15, 2019 by GermanGamer7

    Sorry it's been so long. Came back this weekend! SO EXCITED FOR PALEONTOLOGY REWORK!

    In honor of my return, here is my galacticraft-F/A combination 

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  • XXPuppyCatXx

    Dinopedia Glitch?

    September 15, 2019 by XXPuppyCatXx

    I've recently came across this and I was wondering if anyone else having a glitch with the Dinopedia? Whenever you right-click it to a creature/dino, it says they are pregnant. 

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  • Spiderdog39

    1.14.4 edition??

    August 20, 2019 by Spiderdog39

    Alright I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but whatever.

    I'm new to using this mod and am enjoying it so far, l but I have to play the 1.12 version, and i prefer to play in the newest versions of Minecraft, plus I want to make cooler habitats for my aquatic reptiles. I noticed the acacia village or something in the background of this wiki so I'm wondering if there is a 1.14 version that I have not been able to find.

    If someone could clarify if a 1.14.4 version of F/A Revival exists (and maybe even post the download link!), that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, and have a great day :)

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  • TheXenomorphQueen

    I have a steam account, and my username is Idelvicario the Xenomorph! you might know me.... Anyways, you can find info about me on there!

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  • Skyguy246

    I got the 46,000th edit on the wiki!

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  • CaneTheVelociraptor

    Narrator: In the Triassic Period, they were just a spec of the Earth. But once the Jurassic came, they took a whole new level. We will explore the life of the magnificent creatures called "Dinosaurs".

    Gobi Desert, 70 MYA

    Narrator: Welcome to the Gobi Desert in the late Cretaceous Period. The sun shined brighter back then, so the weather was unbelievebly hot at day, and extremely cold at night. Thus, many animals developed traits to escape the harsh climate of the desert.

    A Jerboa-like creature jumps into the scene, hopping around. Later, a jaw snatches the rodent. The hunter is revealed.

    Narrator: Creatures like Velociraptor can survive for weeks without eating. The food is scarce in deserts like these.

    The Dromaeosaurid eats the mammal whole.


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  • ElectricLizalfos888

    The Brachiosaurus in the mod is actually Giraffatitan. Brachiosaurus is estimated to be 18-21 meters tall while fully grown while Giraffatitan is estimated to be 12 meters tall, which is the same height as the mod's Brachiosaurus when fully grown

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  • ElectricLizalfos888

    Hello There! Park making is a popular activity among the F/A community and many have made parks from large to small, simple to detailed, colorless to colorful and aesthetic based to fully functional. Because park building is so popular, i have decided to create a series of blog posts detailing ideas for parks, decorations to make it aesthetically pleasing and help make the parks of players new to the park-making scene into beautiful works of art. Today's post will be more of a continuation of the last post, specifically on the park about the Enclosure types and will talk about building the Enclosure types. (Note, due to the amount of mods that could spice up any enclosure, this will only include things from Vanilla Minecraft, F/A, Chisel a…

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  • ElectricLizalfos888

    Hello There! Park making is a popular activity among the F/A community and many have made parks from large to small, simple to detailed, colorless to colorful and aesthetic based to fully functional. Because park building is so popular, i have decided to create a series of blog posts detailing ideas for parks, decorations to make it aesthetically pleasing and help make the parks of players new to the park-making scene into beautiful works of art. Today i will be going over ways to create statues, figures and sculptures resembling mobs from the mod as well as what types of enclosures work for what prehistoric mobs.

    The mods needed for this procedure include: Fossils & Archeology (duh) CustomNPCs

    after Gathering the mods needed for making a st…

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  • CaneTheVelociraptor

    Mesozoica went under some changes during development. I will show you them.

    Let's start with plots. There is only one early version of the plot.

    There was an adult Brachiosaurus who guarded her nest, then a Tyrannosaurus killed her. One of her eggs hatch to become the main protagonist, Ben, who we will take a look later. But the egg was grabbed by some Oviraptors and dropped into a river. Two friends, Dan, a Dilophosaurus and Claw, a Velociraptor, who will become Cane in the final plot, find the egg. Ben hatches and grows, they have adventures and so on.

    Let's talk about early characters!

    Ben was a brachiosaurus who was cut during development. He was the main protagonist, but was replaced by Cane (Named "Claw" at that time).

    Same thing here, he…

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  • CaneTheVelociraptor

    The duo turned around to see none other than Dakon.

    "This guy again." Said Michelle.

    "You haven't anwsered my question yet, Dakon." Said Cane.

    "I'll anwser it right now. I will drop you off this cliff and feed you to the Liopleurodons in the sea." The Dakotaraptor anwsered.

    "We'll see how that goes down." Replied Cane, charging at Dakon.

    Blood and feathers started floating everywhere, like a fight between two roosters is brewing. Michelle tried to join the fight as well, but didn't find a good moment to strike Dakon. Soon, Dakon lured Cane to the ledge, Cane almost fell off the ledge, but he grabbed onto the end. Dakon waltzed near Cane, tapping his claws onto the ground.

    "This is your end, boy." He said as he walked towards the hero.

    As he dug h…

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  • Bergim

    Colored text test

    July 7, 2019 by Bergim

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  • Bergim

    Since I am from Russia, I know Russian well.

    Since this mod has no translation yet, I decided to translate it for myself.

    But in addition to the translation, I " decorate" the names of objects a little bit more. I also repainted the names of mobs that need to be tamed with scarab stone and scarab water stone, such as allosaurus, sarcosuchus, Tyrannosaurus, and so on.

    • Bold
    • Italic

    • Failuresaurus trail (dark green italic)
    • Time mashine (gold italic bold)
    • Mysterious lair portal (dark red)
    • Overworld portal (dark green)
    • Pristine figurines (green)
    • Damaged figurines (yellow)
    • Broken figurines (dark red)
    • Restored amphoras, kylixes and volutes (light gray)
    "Red" - gold
    "Black" - (dark gray)
    • Fake obsidian (Just like this)
    • Active culture vat and analyser (light blue)

    • Aqu…

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  • Spinosaurus999

    Number 10 on my most wanted list is Tupandactylus/ Tapejara. Due to the prevalent theory that these were frugivorous animals, it would be the first herbivore among the pterosaur roster.

    Number 9 on my list is Concavenator. Since Altispinax is controversial as to whether it existed, I support MushroomSock's stance of changing it to Concavenator

    Number 8 is Edmontosaurus. As a crestless hadrosaur, it would stand out from Parasaurolophus and Lambeosaurus quite well..

    Number 7 goes to Arctodus. I've always loved bears, and Arctodus is the coolest of them all in my opinion.

    Number 6 is Isotelus. Imagine it being released on April Fools. We Added I.rex. All the hybrid wanting people think that they're getting Indominus, only to receive a trilobite.…

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  • CaneTheVelociraptor

    Both Cane and Michelle entered the cliffside near the endless sea, finally finding eachother:

    "Michelle! Where have you been?" Asked Cane.

    "It's a long story, i'll explain later." Michelle Replied. Suddenly, a sharp shriek was heard, a flock of Pteranodon. One of them swooped down to grab the pair, but it failed. Cane and Michelle quickly ran up behind a rock. The Pteranodon landed, searching for them:

    "Can't they just fish in the water or something?" Whispered Cane. The Pteranodon soon left:

    "Let's go!" Said Michelle.

    "You are not going anywhere." Said a familliar voice.

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  • Biap01161

    I don't know if this is a common problem in the new update but whenever I place petrified saplings( Calamites & Palaeoraphe) on the culture vat, for some reason they don't work. I tried different organics aside from milk but none of them seem to work. Can anyone help me fix this problem?

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  • RaptorRex606

    Okay, so I've been thinking about making a Minecraft mod for a while now. But I'm actually clueless when it comes to it. I'm looking for tips on making models, textures, animations, and etc. . I'm not saying what the entire picture is for my mod is because 1. this is the F/A Revival Mod wiki, not my own, and 2. I'm looking more for advice and less for mod suggestions. Advice on stuff for beginners would be helpful, and what process I should do first, is more like what I'm looking for. I'll update the blog asI need to, though, with anything I'm stuck on. Comment suggestions below please!

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  • CactusKing

    A thing

    June 10, 2019 by CactusKing

    I made a thing because i can. It a survey. It for my own curiosity only.

    [1] Just a basic “favourite Dino ???” Thing.

    Hi other Admins I don’t think this is illegal but if it is I’m innocent

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  • Dudelindo

    Answering my own question, I think not. In some cases, making sounds doesn't match withhow the animal would behave irl, like henodus or other aquatic creatures. What do you think?

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  • CaneTheVelociraptor

    A lone Meganeura sits on the floating log in the water, looking for small prey. As the log slowly rolls, the Meganeura flies away. Our crested hero gets on top of the log, all wet from the swampy waters. The log slowly floated on the Spinosaurus Swamp, due to Cane's weight. As he floated on the log, Cane noticed some eggs on the shore of the swamp. He jumped off the log and slowly walked to the eggs. He was unlucky, the hatchlings have already left the eggs, and all that Cane gets are some egg shells. Suddenly, he heard some squeaks nearby. He searched in the place to find a Didelphodon eating a nearby clutch of similar eggs. Cane hissed on the mammal to scare it away and get the meal. He grabs one of the eggs in his jaw before he hears a …

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  • CaneTheVelociraptor

    Made a listing error, moved to a different blog.

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  • CaneTheVelociraptor

    As Cane was still searching for Michelle, he entered a ravine. The way down to it was not very steep, so he got in easily. He soon realised that he was near his previos home that was near the ravine. He walked calmly through the ravine. He suddenly heard Gallimimus, a flock of them. They ran towards Cane, like they were running from something. Cane hid behind a dead tree. As the Gallimimus jumped over it, Cane saw what the they were running from. Dakon. As he slowly approached Cane, Cane was paralyzed with fear. As Dakon was a few steps from him, Cane said:

    "What do you want from me?"

    Dakon dug his toe claws into him. Cane tried to fight back, but he couldn't reach Dakon with his claws. Dakon slowly opened his jaw, his head closing distance …

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  • CaneTheVelociraptor

    As Cane left to search Michelle, he went back into the forest. As he walked through it, he saw a big, feathered tail. Out of curiosity, he aproached. The Creature revealed to have giant claws and a beak. Therizinosaurus. It showed its claws as a warning. Cane ran away and hid in a fallen tree. The Therizinosaurus then dug its claws into the dead tree. Then, they all heard a roar nearby. A tyrant came from the trees, looking for food. The Tyrannosaurus grabbed the Therizinosaurus' neck. Meanwhile, it tried to shlash its claws onto the king. Cane ran away without anyone noticing him.

    Meanwhile, in the cave, Michelle is sitting in the room. She saw that in the room, there was a hole emiting light from the outside. She thought of climbing the w…

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  • Carnotaurus walleri

    Hammer let the kids wake up later than normal, as there wasn’t many plans, though he still had something he wanted to show them. “Boys” the Kelenken called. “Yeah” one of them responded. “Come with me. There’s somebody I would like you to meet” Hammer said. “Okay” Machete said. The three joined Hammer. The four then started walking out. They went down the mountain and into a hot desert. Sandy, arid and with many plants. “What’s this place” Cloud asked. “This is just a desert. Relatively safe” Hammer said. They continued on for another hour. After passing that they found a large, flat, muddy area with few blades of grass. In the middle, a pile of items. “We’re here” Hammer said. The boys looked exhausted at this point. They looked at the pi…

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  • Carnotaurus walleri

    Frostbite, Machete and Cloud were all woken up early by Bull Shark, a large Spinosaurus Male. “So you, as predators, are gonna have to learn how to fight, wether it be for prey, self defense or some other reason. Now I know you have killed dozens upon dozens of compies by the creek, but they barely put up a fight” he said. “But compies are fun” Machete said. “This will be more fun. I guarantee it” Bull Shark said. The kids looked excited. “Now” Bull shark called out to Mudstone, who was right in front of a boulder. It was shoved out of the way, Mudstone went out, and out ran a Citipati. They made sure to keep the area enclosed, as to make it more inclined to fight. It started charging at Machete. Frostbite pounced on the oviraptorosaur, kn…

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  • CaneTheVelociraptor

    Narrator: In the Triassic Period, they were just a spec of the Earth. But once the Jurassic came, they took a whole new level. We will explore the life of the magnificent creatures called "Dinosaurs".

    The Documentary presents some live-action footage of the sun rising up.

    Morocco, 100 MYA.

    Narrator: Welcome to the Cretaceous Period. Grass hasn't evolved yet, Central America has not formed, as well as the Himalayas.

    A titan comes out of the trees.

    Narrator: This 14 meter long sauropod is called Rebbachisaurus. It is a Plant-eater, it has just came out of the forest to drink from the giant river known as The River of Giants by many Paleontologists.

    Meanwhile, smaller, but still big creatures come along.

    Narrator: Meanwhile, these are Ouranosaurus, a d…

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  • Carnotaurus walleri

    “Hey guys, you wanna go play by the creek” Frostbite asked to Cloud and Machete. “Sure” Cloud said. The three ran down the hill, and took a left. Mudstone noticed this, and decided to just go watch them. Of course they noticed, Mudstone being much larger than the Dachshund-sized younglings. They didn’t mind though. They found a swarm of Compsognathus feeding off of a dead plesiosaurus. They charged, and some of them ditched the carcass, but some decided to stand their ground. They hunched over, and started hissing. As the trio started backing up, Mudstone walked in, and roared at the compies. The swarm ran off, scattering. One even ran into a tree. Machete chased that one, and caught it. He wrestled with the Compsognathus until it gave up.…

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  • Carnotaurus walleri

    Orchid was a female Utahraptor who lived in the same group Hammer did. The other members of the group considered her the sweetest among them. She was the one who would take care of the sick and injured, though would have to deal with the kids while everyone was out, if she wasn’t doing anything important. She loved the kids, and viewed them as her own sometimes. She got excited at the thought of another coming in. “Hey, what’s your name” Orchid asked to Frostbite. “Frostbite” he had responded. “Who gave you that name” she asked. “Hammer did” Frostbite said. “Hm. He always was the best at that” Orchid said. “Hey, me and the others are going out. Some simple things we need to sort out” Mudstone said. The Nanotyrannus then trotted over to the…

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  • Mushroomsock

    Outdated images

    March 2, 2019 by Mushroomsock

    Just thought I'd put a note here that you can feel free to replace outdated images on mob pages that were changed in the 8.0.0 update if you have a good screenshot, you don't need to ask for permission to change the infobox icon if its outdated or doesn't show the mob very well.

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  • CaneTheVelociraptor

    Morning in the Plains. Cane woke up to find that no one is in the nest. He searched for a bit to find Taron lying on the ground, blood pouring from his mouth like a waterfall:

    "What's wrong?"- He said.

    "D-Dakon. He kidnapped Michelle and I tried to fight back. But he was stronger."- Taron replied.

    "Where is he?"

    "I don't know. I have no power to move anymore. Save yourself and find Michelle, my poor little daughter."

    "Taron! No!"

    Taron took his last breath and said:

    "You are the hero of Mesozoica, Cane."

    "Taron! No!"- Cane said again through his tears.

    Meanwhile, in a Cave near the Tyrannosaurus Taiga, Ralph and Nosrek are holding Michelle's wings:

    "Stop it!"- She said. They threw her into one of the rooms of the Cave. Michelle tried to escape, but …

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  • DTRaptor

    Book I, Cambrian: The Dangers of the Ocean

    Written by DTRaptor

    Illustrated by Carnotaurus Walleri

    The Trilobite crawled along, leaving tiny tracks in the sand. It was not alone though, as around a dozen of them were all migrating. They had been migrating for about a month, to the south, where they could escape from other predators. It was mating season among the community, and they would have to be extra cautious if they were to spread their genes.

    The group had been getting hungry; they stopped at a coral reef to eat algae, sucking it up from the sand. At first they were relaxed, until a large shadow appeared above them. It was an Anomalocaris, a 2 meter long monster that had quite an appetite for Trilobites. The group went into a panic; they…

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  • AGSucho

    JP Fan-fic

    February 28, 2019 by AGSucho

    Im seeing people are really starting to make dino historys here.

    Cane's Mesozoica (WHERE THE HECK IS CHAPTER V)

    Carno Travel of Kings.

    And DTRaptor Prehistoric.

    But mine, well, its in the Jurassic World Universe (Plz dont kill me)

    All will be explained in the page, here the link.

    Thank you!

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  • DTRaptor

    My Prehistoric Story!

    February 28, 2019 by DTRaptor

    I am currently in the progress of making a story. Now people, before you say "This is a copy of CaneTheVelociraptor's Mesozoica (Go check that out btw ;D) or Carnotarus Walleri's Travel of kings (You should also check that out lol)," you're completely right it's not. Unlike those two awesome stories, my stories are going to be more 3rd person and also not entirely about dinosaurs. Each "Book" Will be based around 1 animal from 1 different geological time, going in order from Cambrian to Neogene. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, Carnivores and Herbivores, I am proud to present:

    Coming Soon.

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  • Adsper

    Full Model History

    February 27, 2019 by Adsper

    This is just a fun little project for me where I search for all the old models that I can find and compile them here so we can all laugh at them. Some of the pictures might be too big, so just click on them to actually see them. Disclaimer: I am not going to cover tiny changes in the models, because then I'd have to manage about ten tabbers for the old mobs.

    The first guy.

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  • Carnotaurus walleri

    A young Yutyrannus walk alone across a tundra during a snowstorm. The young dinosaur was no bigger than a small chicken, and he couldn't even lift a decent sized rock if he wanted to. He was starving, it had been days since he was separated from his pack. He had no idea where they were, how they were doing or even if they missed him at all. He just wanted to see them again, but he doubted he would. The storm began to die down, and he heard foots behind him. He looked behind, and saw a raptor. It was an achillobator, one of few raptors adapted to seasonal change. This one was white in color to blend in, and was somewhat smaller than a Utahraptor. It began walking slowly to the Yutyrannus, and cleared its throat before saying in a raspy voic…

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  • CaneTheVelociraptor

    Cane's Memes

    February 24, 2019 by CaneTheVelociraptor

    Moved to

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  • Dudelindo

    So... I found that a list like this would be useful for many players who enjoy creating modpacks, but losing your time downloading two different mods and realizing they are not compatible with each other can be very frustrating, so I'm making this list, which is going to be constructed by you! If you know any mod compatible or incompatible, tell me in the comments!

    That's not all. If you don't know if a mod is or not compatible, you can ask bellow, so if anyone know the answer, they'll reply your comment, so I can add the mod in question to one of the lists.

    • Biomes O' Plenty
    • Bibliocraft
    • Xaero's Minimap
    • TreeCapitator
    • Backpacks
    • Jurassicraft
    • Optifine
    • Shaders
    • Ice and Fire

    (No mods in Incompatible list yet)

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  • CaneTheVelociraptor

    Narrator: In the Triassic Period, they were just a spec of the Earth. But once the Jurassic came, they took a whole new level. We will explore the life of the magnificent creatures called "Dinosaurs".

    North America, 154 MYA.

    Narrator: Welcome to the Jurassic Period, a time where dinosaurs took a whole new level after the End-Triassic Extinction.

    The camera is now locked on some dinosaur eggs.

    Narrator: These are the eggs of a Brachiosaurus, a dinosaur that weight about 48 tons. It was herbivorous, which means it ate plants almost exclusevly.

    One of the eggs starts hatching. A small sauropod face is revealed from it.

    Narrator: This is the female we will be following.

    The hatchling Brachiosaurus lets out a squeak. A few more eggs start hatching. The …

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  • CaneTheVelociraptor

    Fresh Paleomemes

    February 18, 2019 by CaneTheVelociraptor

    Moved to

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  • ANightDazingZoroark

    currently bored and i just wanna play some modded minecraft (yet my fucking low-end pc wont let me). for now just recommend me anything thats not in the image below:

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  • AGSucho

    My masterpiece of memes

    February 2, 2019 by AGSucho

    Behold, the meme of the wiki!

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  • CaneTheVelociraptor

    As Cane and the Microraptor walked into the plains, they saw a herd of Triceratops. As they closed in, the Triceratops started being aggressive towards them. Then, an elder Triceratops asked everyone not to worry about them:

    "Don't worry, it's just Michelle and... who's this guy?"

    "My name is Cane, sir."- Cane replied.

    "Well then, i'm Taron, i am the leader of this herd. I will help you and Michelle find a new home."

    Since the sun was going down, Taron went to one of the nests, Cane and Michelle followed him. They went to sleep.

    On the next day, Cane woke up to hear leaves rustling. He searched for the source of the sound. He found out that Michelle was eating a... Dicksonia? Cane was confused:

    "Why are you eating plants?"

    "Because i'm a Tricerat…

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  • CaneTheVelociraptor

    This blog will help you to determine which creatures are male and female.

    • Allosaurus: Males have a black "mask", while females don't.
    • Ankylosaurus: Males have red-ish underside, while females have brown.
    • Brachiosaurus: Male's lobe is red, while females have a grey lobe.
    • Ceratosaurus: Males have a pale face, while females have brown.
    • Compsognathus: Feathered: Males have darker feathers. Scaled: Males have blue necks, while females have green.
    • Deinonychus: Feathered: Males have a slightly darker "beak" area. Females are also brighter than Males. Scaled: Males are slightly darker than females.
    • Dilophosaurus: Males have orange crests, while females have green.
    • Dryosaurus: Scaled: Pretty noticable. Males are green with a red neck, while females are fully…
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