The Fossils and Archeology mod adds a wide variety of blocks to Minecraft. These blocks can be crafted or occur naturally in the world. Amber Ore can only be obtained through Creative Mode.



Tar in a tar pit.

These blocks occur naturally in the world as ores or in tar pits. Fossils and permafrost are used in creating prehistoric creatures, while tar and volcanic rock are just for decoration. Iced stone has no use, as it drops cobblestone when mined.

Fossil Tar
Iced Stone Volcanic Rock


A time-machine (center) surrounded by many different Fossils and Archeology blocks.

"Machine" is a word that loosely refers to any blocks that can be used to perform an action, like a crafting table or a furnace. Fossils and Archeology Revival adds several machines that are vital to the creature-reviving and relic-restoring processes of the mod.

Analyzer Feeder
Archeology Workbench Sifter
Bubble Blower Time-Machine (WIP)
Culture Vat


Steve appreciating some beautiful cephalotaxus, horsetail, sarracenia, and dillhoffia in winter.

Dinosaurs aren't the only prehistoric things that can be recreated - there are plants, too! Fossilized seeds and spores can be cultivated into the seeds and spores of the prehistoric plants shown below. The palaeoraphe tree is the only tree added by the mod, which is made of palaeoraphe logs and palaeoraphe leaves.

Ancient Ferns Duisbergia Palaeoraphe Tree
Archaeosigillaria Ephedra Sarracenia
Bennettitales Failure Plant Tempskya
Calamites Florissantia Vaccinium
Cephalotaxus Foozia Welwitschia
Crataegus Horsetail Zamites
Dillhoffia Osmunda


Four anubite statues, waiting to come alive.

There are quite a few blocks that the player can come across during their archeological adventures. Some are crafted and repaired by the player, but others are rare and only occur in structures or other dimensions.

Craftable Blocks Non-Craftable Blocks
Drum Ancient Glass
Amphora Ancient Stone
Kylix Ancient Wood
Volute Ancient Wood Pillar
Ancient Figurines Anu Statue
Skull lantern Anubite Statue
Mysterious Sarcophagus
Ancient Treasure Chest


A fan-built structure that uses palaeoraphe stairs as a roof.

With so many mobs that need enclosures and different structures that can be found, the mod requires a few extra building blocks than what are provided in vanilla Minecraft. Most of these blocks are crafted out of blocks mentioned above and are purely for decoration; however, dense sand and reinforced glass were added in order to contain dinosaurs that can break blocks without forcing the player to use unsightly iron blocks.

Ancient Stone Brick Dense Sand Reinforced Glass
Ancient Stone Slab Palaeoraphe Plank Volcanic Brick
Ancient Stone Stair Palaeoraphe Door Volcanic Slab
Ancient Wooden Plate Palaeoraphe Fence Volcanic Stair
Ancient Wood Slab Palaeoraphe Slab
Ancient Wooden Stair Palaeoraphe Stair
Banners Palaeoraphe Trapdoor


A brown failuresaurus leaving a failuresaurus trail.

There are three blocks in this mod that are "drops." One is a true drop from a block, and the other two are "placed" by mobs.

Failuresaurus Trail Skull (Block)
Obsidian Spikes

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