The eight banner types and the item/block used to craft them.

Patterns for banners and shields were added in the 8.0.0 update for Minecraft 1.12.2. As of this moment, there are only eight types of Fossils and Archeology: Revival banners.

  1. Ancient Sword, crafted with an Ancient Sword
  2. Time Machine, crafted with the Ancient Clock
  3. Bio-Fossil, crafted with a Bio-Fossil
  4. Nautilus Shell, crafted with a Nautilus shell
  5. Volute, crafted with a restored Volute
  6. Amphora, crafted with a restored Amphora
  7. Kylix, crafted with a restored Kylix
  8. DNA, crafted with a Culture Vat

Culture Vat

Green Banner

White Dye

Green DNA Banner

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