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An archeologist villager next to some culture vats.

8.0.0 UPDATEEdit

The archaeologist villager is a unique type of Minecraft villager added by the Fossils and Archeology mod. They spawn very commonly in villages in their own house (in which they have dug up their own backyard to act as a dig site), and will trade mod items such as stone tablets and bio-fossils for a certain amount of emeralds. An archaeologist will also spawn in their own fossil dig sites or tar pit sites out in the wild, where they study prehistoric remains. They may own a pet dinosaur; however, this is very rare. They are the most common of all Minecraft villagers due to their houses as well as their rare spawn areas, at tar pits or a small fossil site. Besides searching villages or dig sites, other ways to find them are by using spawn eggs, which will spawn a random type of villager, or healing zombie villagers. Archaeologist villagers can also be attacked by zombies and turned into one like normal villagers, so make sure to protect them if on hard mode and zombies can break down doors. Zombie archaeologists however will use the zombie farmer skin.

It can be assumed that archaeologist villagers are social outcasts, as the village path often does not lead to the archaeologist's house.


They have exactly the same AI as other villagers; they are passive mobs with 20 hp that walk around during day and hide in shelter at night. They run from zombies, interact with other villagers, and trade with the player when right-clicked. Some of their trades include bio-fossils, javelins, essences of chicken, animal meat, fern seeds etc. They can also ride minecarts like all other mobs of their size.




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PachycephalosaurusDefense PointsParasaurolophusDefense PointsFire BallSpinosaurusDefense PointsStegosaurus
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Archaeologist VillagerFossil ModelTamed Zombie Pigman

Carnivores appear in red. Herbivores appear in green. Omnivores appear in light blue. Piscivores appear in dark blue. Enemies/misc appear in brown. Defense Points means the creature can break blocks. Fire Ball means the creature is an apex predator/boss.