Active anubite
Basic Information
Nature Nature Hostile
Health Points Health Points 20 (20hearts)
Attack Damage Attack Damage 4 (4hearts)
Modeled By Raptorfarian
An anubite is a hostile humanoid mob that seems to be inspired by the Egyptian god, Anubis. They can only be found inside Anu's Castle, where they guard Anu alongside Sentry Pigmen. Anubites make wither idle sounds and iron golem death sounds, and do not have any drops. They spawn with an explosion when the player gets within five blocks of an Anubite Statue, giving them the achievement "Living Statue!" Over a hundred of these statues are located within the castle, sometimes located in groups of three or four.


When a player gets within five blocks of an anubite statue, the statue will explode and an anubite mob will appear in its place. As soon as they come to life, they will attempt attack the player rapidly with their large sickle swords, based off the Egyptian Khopesh. Anubites are almost as fast as a sprinting player and have the ability to teleport (like an enderman). Every so often when an anubite is attempting to attack the player, it will stop and stare at the player for about half a second before resuming the assault.

Anubites are very aggressive to Prehistoric Creatures. They can take out entire packs of Velociraptors, and a horde of Anubite can even kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Spinosaurus.

One anubite is not difficult to kill if proper tools are used, but considering the amount of anubite statues there are, it is recommended that players utilize strong armor and weapons and go slowly through the castle so that the anubites won't gang up on the player. During Anu's boss battle, there is a rare chance that Anu will spawn an anubite instead of the usual sentry pigman to help him kill the player. When Anu is defeated, the anubites will remain in the castle. If you don't right click on Anu's dead body and go to The Room, you will be forced to exit the castle past all the remaining mobs.

Anubites will not attack a player wearing an ancient helmet and holding the ancient sword (unless provoked) because they mistake the player for Anu.



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