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The Analyzer is an extremely important block, that is the basic component to create almost everything else in the mod and is the second step that is needed to create extinct animals or prehistoric plants, or to recreate lost relics, such as pottery and ancient weapons.


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Activated state

The Analyzer is a silvery gray block, that takes the form of an old machine with a black top. It has two buttons, a green one and a red one. When not analyzing, it is red. When analyzing, its buttons will turn green, and it will light up.


Workbench GUI.png

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot


Relic Scrap

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot



To use the Analyzer, you must have one of several required Items listed below to power it. After you get one or more of these items, put them in any block of the Analyzer GUI, and the Items will quickly be analyzed into working objects and will be placed in one of the four Analyzer slots.

After Bio-Fossils or Plant Fossils are analyzed and turned into DNA or seeds, the next step in cloning an extinct species is making a Culture Vat. To restore any broken artifacts received from Relic Scraps, the player must put them in an Archeology Workbench.

Items That Can Be Analyzed

Analyzer GUI.png

Bio-Fossil 15%

Velociraptor Claw %

Bone %

Velociraptor Meat %

Failuresaurus Flesh %

Velociraptor Egg %

Velociraptor DNA

Analyzer GUI.png

Tar Fossil %

Frozen Meat %

Smilodon Embryo %

Bone %

Smilodon Tooth %

Failuresaurus Flesh %

Smilodon Meat %

Smilodon DNA

Analyzer GUI.png

Plant Fossil %

Dominican Amber %

Fossilized Ancient Fern Spores

Analyzer GUI.png

Relic Scrap

Gravel %

Stone Tablet %

Flint %

Pottery Shard %

Analyzer GUI.png

Relic Scrap

Ancient Figurines

Broken Ancient Sword %

Broken Ancient Helmet %

Keep in mind that there is a high chance that the Analyzer gives back random junk. The player can put the following items in an analyzer:


  • Sand
  • Bonemeal
  • Gravel
  • Flint
  • Meat
  • Coal
  • Cactus Green (Helpful if you are far from a desert biome)
  • String



Analyzer AnalyzerArchbench Archeology WorkbenchBubble blower side Bubble BlowerCultivate side Culture Vat
Feeder FeederSifter side SifterTime machine side Time Machine


Amber ore Amber Ore (Amber Amber) ■ Fern 2s4 Ancient FernsSlimetrailllll Failuresaurus TrailFossilsssss Fossil
(BioFossil Bio-Fossil) (Skull front off Skull) ■ Iced stoneeee Iced StonePermafrostttt Permafrost (Iced Meat Frozen Meat) ■ Tarrrrrrrr Tar (Tar fossil Tar Fossil) ■
Volcanic ashhhhhhhh Volcanic AshVolcanic rockkkkk Volcanic Rock (Volcanic brickkkk Brick) (Stair) (Slab)


Amphora AmphoraFigurines Ancient FigurinesAncient glass 1 Ancient GlassAncient stone Ancient Stone (Ancient stone brick Brick) (Stair) (Slab) ■
AncientChestSquare Ancient Treasure ChestAncient wood Ancient Wood (Ancient wood pillar Pillar) (Stair) (Slab) (Ancient wood plate Plate) ■
Anuuuuuuuu Anu StatueAnubiteeeeeee Anubite StatueDrum side DrumKylix KylixSarcophagus Mysterious SarcophagusVolute Volute


Calamites planks Calamites Plank (Calamites door Door) (Calamites trapdoor Trapdoor) (Fence) (Stair) (Slab) ■ Grid Dense Sand Dense Sand
ObsidianSpikes (1) Obsidian SpikesPalm planks Palaeoraphe Plank (Grid Palaeoraphe Door Door) (Palaeoraphe Trapdoor Trapdoor) (Fence) (Stair) (Slab) ■
Grid Reinforced Glass 1 Reinforced GlassSkull front on Skull Lantern


Plant archaeosigillaria ArchaeosigillariaBennitales BennettitalesCalamites log Calamites Log (Calamites leaves Leaf) ■ Plant cephalotaxus Cephalotaxus
Plant crataegus 1 CrataegusPlant dillhoffia DillhoffiaPlant duisbergia 2 DuisbergiaPlant ependra EphedraPlant mutant 1 Failure Plant
Plant florissantia FlorissantiaFooziani FooziaHorseytaileys HorsetailPlant osmunda OsmundaPalm log Palaeoraphe Log (Palm leaves Leaf) ■
Sarracenianianian SarraceniaTempskysacrifice TempskyaPlant vaccinium VacciniumPlant welwitschia WelwitschiaPlant zamites Zamites

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