7.3 UPDATEEdit

Mod achievements can be found by pressing escape ingame, clicking 'Achievements,' and pressing 'Minecraft'.

Fossils AchievementsEdit

Diggin' For Bones!Edit

Mine a Fossil or Permafrost block.

More Fossils!Edit

Craft an Analyzer block. Requires, Diggin' For Bones!

The Prophecy...Edit

Obtain a Stone Tablet from Analyzing a Relic Scrap. Requires, More Fossils!

Plants From the Past!Edit

Obtain any Fossilized Seeds & Spores from Analyzing a Plant Fossil. Requires, More Fossils!

Bingo! Dino DNA!Edit

Obtain any DNA from Analyzing a Bio-Fossil. Requires, More Fossils!

Dino DictionaryEdit

Craft a DinoPedia. Requires, Bingo! Dino DNA!

Cult Classic!Edit

Craft a Culture Vat with any teir.

What Species is this?Edit

Cultivate a non-avian egg. Requires, Cult Classic!


Cultivate an avian egg. Requires, Cult Classic!


Cultivate a Mammal Embryo. Requires, Cult Classic!

Epic Fail!Edit

Accidently create a Failuresaurus using a Culture Vat. Requires, Cult Classic!

Back to the Drawing Boards!Edit

Get any DNA from Analyzing Failuresaurus Flesh. Requires, Epic Fail!

De-Extinction! Edit

Hatch your first non-avian egg.

The King! Edit

Tame a tyrannosaurus.

The Usurper! Edit

Tame a spinosaurus. (Note: This was a joke from the devs, as you cannot tame a spinosaurus in 7.2.)

The. . . Squire? Edit

Tame an allosaurus.

One Big Sheep! Edit

Shear a mammoth.

Gem AchievementsEdit

The Ultimate Gem!Edit

Obtain a Scarab Gem from a Fossil block. Requires, Diggin' For Bones!

Magic Tools!Edit

Craft any Scarab tool. Requires, The Ultimate Gem!

Blue Beetle!Edit

Craft an Aquatic Scarab Gem. Requires, The Ultimate Gem!

Archeology AchievementsEdit


Craft an Archeology Workbench.

The Amazing Vase!Edit

Restore either a Volute, Kylix , or Amphora in the Archeology Workbench. Requires, Fixer-Upper!

Thinking Cap!Edit

Repair an Ancient Broken Helmet in the Archeology Workbench. Requires, Fixer-Upper!

Swing Your Sword!Edit

Repair a Broken Ancient Sword in the Archeology Workbench. Requires, Fixer-Upper!

Dirty Job!Edit

Craft a Sifter!

Anu AchievementsEdit

What The?Edit

Find an Anu Statue.

The Middle?Edit

Activate an Anu Statue. Requires, What The?

Living Statue!Edit

Encounter an Anubite. Requires, The Middle?

Ruler of the Undead!Edit

Wake Anu. Requires, Living Statue!

The Middle.Edit

Defeat Anu. Requires, Ruler of the Undead!

Key Information!Edit

Obtain an ancient key from killing Anu.

The Room?Edit

Find the secret treasure room.

Turn Back the Clock! Edit

Place an ancient clock inside of a time machine.

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