8.0.4 UPDATE[edit | edit source]

7.3 UPDATE[edit | edit source]

Mod achievements can be found by pressing escape ingame, clicking 'Achievements,' and pressing 'Minecraft'.

Fossils Achievements[edit | edit source]

Digging Deep[edit | edit source]

Mine a Fossil or Permafrost block.

More Fossils![edit | edit source]

Craft an Analyzer block. Requires, Diggin' For Bones!

The Prophecy...[edit | edit source]

Obtain a Stone Tablet from Analyzing a Relic Scrap. Requires, More Fossils!

Seeds of the Past[edit | edit source]

Obtain any Fossilized Seeds & Spores from Analyzing a Plant Fossil. Requires, More Fossils!

Bingo! Dino DNA![edit | edit source]

Obtain any DNA from Analyzing a Bio-Fossil. Requires, More Fossils! (Jurassic Park Reference)

Dino Dictionary[edit | edit source]

Craft a DinoPedia. Requires, Bingo! Dino DNA!

The Crucible[edit | edit source]

Craft a Culture Vat with any tier.

Eggs![edit | edit source]

Cultivate a non-avian egg. Requires, Cult Classic!

Tweet![edit | edit source]

Cultivate an avian egg. Requires, Cult Classic!

Starman[edit | edit source]

Cultivate a Mammal Embryo. Requires, Cult Classic!

Epic Fail![edit | edit source]

Accidently create a Failuresaurus using a Culture Vat. Requires, Cult Classic!

Back to the Drawing Boards![edit | edit source]

Get any DNA from Analyzing Failuresaurus Flesh. Requires, Epic Fail!

De-Extinction![edit | edit source]

Hatch your first non-avian egg.

The King![edit | edit source]

Tame a tyrannosaurus.

The Usurper![edit | edit source]

Tame a spinosaurus. (Note: This was a joke from the devs, as you cannot tame a spinosaurus in 7.2.)

The. . . Squire?[edit | edit source]

Tame an allosaurus.

One Big Sheep![edit | edit source]

Shear a mammoth.

Gem Achievements[edit | edit source]

Winning the Lottery[edit | edit source]

Obtain a Scarab Gem from a Fossil block. Requires, Diggin' For Bones!

Magic Tools![edit | edit source]

Craft any Scarab tool. Requires, The Ultimate Gem!

Blue Beetle![edit | edit source]

Craft an Aquatic Scarab Gem. Requires, The Ultimate Gem!

Archeology Achievements[edit | edit source]

Fixer-Upper![edit | edit source]

Craft an Archeology Workbench.

The Amazing Vase![edit | edit source]

Restore either a Volute, Kylix , or Amphora in the Archeology Workbench. Requires, Fixer-Upper!

Thinking Cap![edit | edit source]

Repair an Ancient Broken Helmet in the Archeology Workbench. Requires, Fixer-Upper!

Swing Your Sword![edit | edit source]

Repair a Broken Ancient Sword in the Archeology Workbench. Requires, Fixer-Upper!

Dirty Job![edit | edit source]

Craft a Sifter!

Anu Achievements[edit | edit source]

What The?[edit | edit source]

Find an Anu Statue.

The Middle?[edit | edit source]

Activate an Anu Statue. Requires, What The?

Living Statue![edit | edit source]

Encounter an Anubite. Requires, The Middle?

Ruler of the Undead![edit | edit source]

Wake Anu. Requires, Living Statue!

The Middle.[edit | edit source]

Defeat Anu. Requires, Ruler of the Undead!

Key Information![edit | edit source]

Obtain an ancient key from killing Anu.

The Room?[edit | edit source]

Find the secret treasure room.

Turn Back the Clock![edit | edit source]

Place an ancient clock inside of a time machine.

Three-Horner[edit | edit source]

Obtain a Triceratops egg.

Half Duck, Half Crocodile[edit | edit source]

Obtain a Spinosaurus egg.

Way of the Dodo[edit | edit source]

Obtain a Dodo egg.

Fish out of Water[edit | edit source]

Obtain a Tiktaalik egg.

Clever Girl[edit | edit source]

Obtain a Velociraptor egg.

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